Still loving the blog! Would you be able to post some more of Holly Doll? Still my favorite model of yours! I asked a while back but I'm sure you just had much more on your keep up the awesome work! Also, do you know if she still models?

I had post several of Holly Doll after you asked… I post some more tonight

You have some amazing work! Do you happen to have more of Missy Love? She's gorgeous. Or Judith? Such beauties.

Yes I do !!!! I’ll post some tonight !!!

Any chance you have more of Meeks/Valerie/ Purple Hair girl? Love all of your work!

Sure do, I’ll post some later today…

Any chance you have more pics of the girl by the river? BTW, love your work!!

Yes, I’ll post some more tonight !!!

Please post more of Chelsea, she's a beauty.

I will when I get home tonight !!!!